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Cultivating Growth & Prosperity in 2023!


challenging people to rethink how and what they think

Rethink International is a global social enterprise and international training organization

designed to challenge people to rethink how and what they think. 

We are a world leader in the design and delivery of custom learning products with a purpose.

Our time

We are living in the 'Rethink Generation' where people across the country and around the world are being challenged to 'rethink' the future of our economy, our businesses and our careers. 

Our work

Rethink International is a world leader in the design and delivery of custom learning products with a purpose.  Our philosophy offers a new approach to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.  As today's global economy becomes increasingly diverse, Diversity & Inclusion has become Today's Competitive Advantage.

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Our values

Power Conversations.  Equitable Partnership.  Equal & Valuable Exchange.  Diversity of Thought.  Reflective Meditation. 

Our Products

Our Learning Products strengthen minds, stimulate creativity and innovative thought and build bridges across social, cultural and political differences. 

Each Learning Experience is intentionally designed to elevate the consciousness of leaders for the purpose of driving trust, stimulating growth and building a culture of inclusion in the workplace. 

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