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Diversity of


Equal & Valuable


Rethink International

Challenging people to rethink how and what they think

Rethink International is a global social enterprise and Xperience Learning organization designed to challenge people to rethink how and what they think. 

We are a world leader in the design and delivery of custom Xperience Learning products with a purpose. Our offerings can be delivered in the form of small/medium/large group settings via in-person LIVE, virtual, hybrid, or 1:1. 

Our Content

Our content is current, relevant and expedient to our client's needs.

Our role is to guide people and organizations through the process of generating their own solutions to personal, professional, organizational and societal needs. 

Our Expertise

global leadership.  personal empowerment.  strategic communications. 

diversity. creativity. culture. community. cultural competency.

developing women. emerging leaders. senior executives. 

POWER speaking. civil discourse. branding. building. bridging. 

Our Purpose 

To strengthen minds, stimulate creativity and innovative thought and build bridges

across social, cultural and ideological differences. 

Our Values

Power Conversations. Equitable Partnership. Equal & Valuable Exchange.

Diversity of Thought. Reflective Meditation. 


Our Rethink Philosophy

Conversations have the power to bring about peace or conflict between people.  

In our search for peace, we have to first acknowledge the conflicts that exist in our minds, our hearts and in the world in order to resolve them. If we examine the various conflicts that exist in the world today, we will see that many of them are deeply rooted in social, cultural, political and religious differences. In many ways, our own individual social, cultural, political and religious circles can inadvertently place limitations on our personal, mental and spiritual growth.  

Over time, these social circles can become more and more polarized, isolated and exclusive to the point where meaningful and healing conversations will cease to exist.  Rethink International believes in the power of meaningful conversations and their ability to heal by diffusing hostility, uniting that which has been divided and bringing together individuals with differing points of view with the intent to learn from one another and understand why others think the way they think while arriving at a new place of self-awareness of our own thinking in the process.

Washington, DC is home to some of the world's most powerful and innovative think tanks whose sole purpose is to generate creative solutions to the world's problems by engaging in meaningful conversations. Often times, these think tanks operate as "Ivy Towers" bringing together our nation's top-tier intellectuals, academics, researchers and policy experts to engage in thoughtful discussions with the intent to generate ideas, solutions and recommendations on how governing bodies around the world can overcome the challenges they face in their communities.


The Rethink Tank

Rethink International recognizes the power and impact of these traditional think tank conversations, yet also acknowledges the exclusivity that surrounds access to these discussions and the limited perspectives that these formal conversations may have.  The Rethink Tank, a project of Rethink International, functions as a social think tank designed to challenge people to rethink how and what they think.  Its purpose is to challenge the traditional model of think tanks operating under the belief that creativity and innovative thought can actually reach higher levels of stimulation in a "social setting" where diversity of thought, opinion, personality, education, social and cultural background, racial identity and life experience are welcomed, represented and valued by all participants.  The Rethink Tank hosts reoccurring Rethink Tanks bringing together intimate circles of people with differing points of view to engage in meaningful conversation and reflective meditation. 


How often do we intentionally engage in activities that strengthen our minds?  We spend hours exercising our bodies in order to maintain our physical strength and health.  Our minds are muscles too.  We need to exercise them in order to sustain our mental health and strength.  


The Rethink Tank creates a space in which we can strengthen our minds through meaningful conversations.   ​​


Opening and exposing our minds to diverse points of view cultivates creativity and innovative thought.  Taking time to process, reflect and meditate upon new ideas and perspectives also stimulates our creative mind.  


The Rethink Tank stimulates creativity through exposing our minds to a diversity of thought and engaging in reflective meditation.


How often to you find yourself in meaningless conversations?  Have you ever silently said to yourself, "Do I really need to be here for this conversation?"  You are not alone.

Join the Rethink Tank and learn how to be more mindful of the quality of conversations you engage in.   


The Rethink Tank cultivates meaningful conversations that matter.


Have you ever felt like success only comes at the expense of friendship?  Could you benefit from a sounding board made up of smart people?  Can you relate to the popular quote, "...It's lonely at the top"....?   Again, you are not alone.

The Rethink Tank offers you a circle of support filled with people who will inspire you, support you and -- most importantly, condition your mind to function at its optimal level to keep you at the top.

Join the RETHINK Tank and become a part of a circle of equitable partners who work together to capitalize on our collective power to

rethink. create. innovate.

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