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"RETHINK and Grow Rich"

"We are what we think.  

We are never victims of circumstance."


                                         --James Allen  

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

                  --Napoleon Hill

"You were born to RETHINK!"

"You should always love people and  use money, not the other way around."


                                      --Bob Proctor   

"Logic brain is our survival brain.  It works on known principles and thinks in a neat, linear fashion.  

Artist brain is our creative and holistic brain.  It thinks in patters and shadings."


                                         --Julia Cameron 

12 Rules For Life.jpg

"Women select men. That makes them nature, because nature is what selects. And you can say "Well it's only symbolic that women are nature", it's like no, it's not just symbolic. The woman is the gatekeeper to reproductive success. And you can't get more like nature than that, in fact it's the very definition of nature.”


                                            --Jordan Peterson

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