Conversation is Power: How often do you find yourself in meaningless conversations? Do you ever silently say to yourself, "Do I really need to be here for this conversation?”  Rethink International learning products provoke conversations that matter. Every powerful life-changing decision, invention, revolution and movement started with a conversation.  All conversations fall into one of two categories: meaningful or meaningless.  Meaningful conversations have power.  Meaningless conversations have the potential to be powerful, but they delay the process through which a conversation is transformed into action.  


Rethink International fosters meaningful conversations

"I am" a power conversation-starter

Equitable Partnership. Ever sat in a meeting or brainstorming session where no new ideas were generated, no next steps were delegated and you were the only one who took the initiative to produce any tangible outcomes?  We all know Washington is filled with some of the world’s most powerful and innovative Think Tanks -- but, how many of them have succeeded in identifying, extracting and capitalizing on the contributions of the very populations they are intended to serve?  Rethink International understands that equitable participation is required and all contributions need to be equally valued in order to achieve maximum impact. 

Rethink International fosters circles of Equitable Partners

"I am" a valuable equitable partner



Equal & Valuable


Equal & Valuable Exchange.  Life is a series of exchanges.  We exchange time for money, work for time off and money for vacations.  Rethink International is sustained through an exchange of time, energy and monetary investment for access to the exchange of creative and innovative ideas.  Rethink International believes the “exchange of ideas” is the most valuable exchange of all.

Rethink International sees the “exchange of ideas” as the most valuable exchange of all

"I" make smart investments and exchanges

Diversity of


Diversity of Thought. How diverse are your social circles?  Do you tend to gravitate towards like-minded individuals who share and reaffirm your perceptions, beliefs and attitudes? Most of us do. How often do you insert yourself into diverse social circles? Intentionally exposing our minds to a diversity of thought leads to high levels of creativity and innovative thought. The choice to learn from a diversity of thought unlocks multiple doors to stimulating and cultivating our creative energies. 


Rethink International values and cultivates a diversity of thought

"I" embody a diversity of thought ​



Reflective Meditation. Did you know the most transforming and life-altering ideas have come from the act of doing and thinking about nothing?  Clearing the mind and relaxing the body unleashes our ability to tap into our highest levels of creative energy. Rethink International explores and practices various ways to cultivate our creative energy. Meditation and Reflection are key ingredients in our own creative process. 

Rethink International understands reflective meditation cultivates creativity and innovative thought

"I" meditate and reflect upon things of importance ​