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rethink civil discourse

values conversation model


Rethink Civil Discourse Rethink Internat

Validate differing points of view

Arm yourself with knowledge

Listen with empathy

Understand your Unconscious Bias

Expand your view, network and reach

Strengthen your mind

Our RETHINK Civil Discourse product 

introduces a current and relevant approach to social and political

engagement using our  

iVALUES Conversation Model 

Rethink International launches its first signature learning product 
RETHINK Civil Discourse iVALUES Conversation Model 


ABOUT Rethink International is a global social enterprise designed to challenge people to rethink how and what they think.  We are a world leader in the design and delivery of custom learning products with a purpose.  


Our MISSION is to strengthen minds, stimulate creativity and innovative thought and

build bridges across social, cultural and political differences. 

TARGET AUDIENCE today's leaders pursuing careers in the public arena on BOTH sides of the aisle (elected officials, local, municipal, state and congressional office staffers, political candidates, campaign staff, public servants, government, nonprofit, NGOs, diplomats, issue advocates, fellows and interns)


NEXT GEN We have a vested interest in investing in the NextGen.

University students in Political Science, Public Affairs and International Development Departments are strongly encouraged to take this course.  


DIVERSITY IN POLITICS We specialize in working with a diversity of public leaders and constituency groups, primarily women, people of color, multicultural communities and emerging young leaders who are currently engaged or interested in engaging in politics.  

DELIVERY and DESIGN We offer RETHINK Civil Discourse in the form of in-person small group trainings.  Each learning product consists of current examples, relevant theory, individual thought, interactive group exercises, practical application and personal reflection. Learning packages are custom designed to provide unique content that is CURRENT. RELEVANT. and EXPEDIENT. to each client's needs. 

COMPETENCIES and SKILLS RETHINK Civil Discourse includes elements of global public leadership, hard and soft communication skills, public advocacy, diversity, 

unconscious bias and practical communications tactics (COMMS Tactics)

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