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RETHINK Thoughts

RETHINK Sexual Harassment

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Millcreek Community Library

2266 E. Everygreen Avenue, East Millcreek, UT 84109

"Tone, Language, Context..."

"Patriarchy.  What's on the other side?"

"Men's equality structure still exists, but based on men."

"Deconstruct the current power structure and REBUILD."

"Tone, Language, Content..."

"Women are 'Born Into the Movement.'"

"Scarcity mentality vs. mindset of abundance." 

"We need to spend more time building and visioning a future without abuse of power." 

"Allow others to experience the full range of human emotion." 

"Most abusers are survivors too."

"What does justice look like for you?"

"Try not to categorize others." 

"Redefine power and how I feed it or seek it."

"It's not about intention, it's about reception."

"Survivor, not victim."

"Tone, Language, Context..."

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