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Rethink coaching

rethink.  reprogram.  restore. 

Rethink Coaching Rethink International .

rethink theory of thought

Three stages of development

  • Natural Mind open. curiosity. creativity free-thinking. (driven by desire) 

  • Conditioned Mind informed. education. conviction. organization. structure. boundaries social and cultural conditioning. (driven by rationale) 

  • Power-Conscious Mind open and informed. curiosity and conviction creativity and innovation. full understanding of your personal power to choose. (driven by choice)


Purpose of the RETHINK Coaching Strategy

  • Strengthen The Mind  

  • Stimulate Creativity & Innovative Thought

  • Generate Power-Conscious Decision-Making

strengthen your mind

RETHINK Coaching Model

RETHINK: Stop and RETHINK. Describe the Moment(s) of Impact (MOIs) that brought you here today.  The moment you hit a wall or a road block and were challenged to rethink.  Identify MOIs.  How did you feel? ​Rewind & retrace the steps that led to each MOI. Replay these steps back in your mind and on  paper. RETHINK what it is that you truly value and desire. Reconsider what you are willing to do differently in order to redirect your path. What emotions did you feel in these moments?

REPROGRAM: Relax, Release and Reprogram (make this routine a habit) until the RETHINK mindset runs on auto-pilot and rethinking the challenges and roadblocks in life come naturally.  The challenges become lessons and the roadblocks become opportunities. Restate what it is that you desire (positive affirmation). Rewrite your plan to reach your goals. Recommit yourself to sticking to your plan. REPROGRAM your mind. Restate. Recommit. Repeat. And, again, reassess how you feel.  

RESTORE: Restore your mind back to its natural state. Its natural state is when your body, mind and spirit are in alignment. Go in. Pay attention to what your natural state of mind feels like so you can better recognize when it is out of alignment. This RESTORE stage affords you a renewed confidence, mindset and outlook on life.  You are able to find the balance and peace that allows you to move through life with a true sense of self and a firm understanding of your purpose.

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