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The RETHINK Policy Tank examines all things political from campaigns and elections to 

policy discussions incorporating opinions and perspectives from both sides of the aisle

and every point of view in between 

Join us for the Millennial Policy Tank Series Launch! 


Join our launch party to kick-off our Policy RETHINK Tank Series, where Millennials have the opportunity to engage in policy discussions with

policymakers and business leaders!

The Millennial Policy Tank (MPT) will consist of a series of monthly Policy Tank discussions hosted BY and FOR Millennials in Utah supplemented by an annual leadership training geared towards preparing Millennials to become highly effective leaders, communicators and advocates in the public policy arena.


Policy Tank Topics will include:


Utah Business and Taxes


Sex Trafficking


The Environment

The power of the MPT lies in its unique ability to bring together public and private sector leaders on both sides of the aisle to join forces with Millennial leaders in solving community problems and generating innovative policy solutions, utilizing the unique experiences and perspectives Millennials bring to the table.

Join Us Today and CHANGE the GAME of POLITICS!

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