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JOIN The Inaugural

RETHINK Tank for Women in UTAH!

DATE: Tuesday, August 16, 2016
VENUE: The Cottonwood Country Club
1780 East Lake Wood Drive, Holladay, Utah 84117
TIME:  6:30 - 9:00 pm
Please arrive at 6:30 pm to mingle and get settled. The conversation will begin promptly at 7:00 pm and wrap up by 9:00 pm
Please register ASAP as the Tank is filling up fast!   
*Light horderves will be served.  A cash bar will be available. 

What is the Rethink Tank for Women? 

The Rethink Tank is a social think tank designed to challenge women to Rethink how and what we think through thought-provoking conversations.  

Its purpose is to strengthen the minds of women, stimulate our creative energies, provide a space where women can engage in meaningful conversations, generate a network within which women can build a circle of support for one another and cultivate a culture amongst women that will foster genuine friendships.


Who are we looking for?  


  • WOMEN who have an opinion

  • WOMEN who are willing to share their opinion

  • WOMEN who are open to learning from opinions that challenge their own  


If the answer to these questions is YES, we strongly encourage you to JOIN!

The POWER of the TANK relies heavily on the following foundational values and conversation guidelines.


  • Power Conversations

  • Equitable Partnership

  • Equal and Valuable Exchange

  • Diversity of Thought

  • Reflective Meditation             


1-3-5-25 Conversation Model  

1 - Moderator

3 - Spotlight Thinkers

5 - Guidelines

25 - Participants Investing $25     


  • Face to Face Conversation

  • Intimate Safe Space

  • Selective Random Selection 

  • Diversity of Thought

  • Reflective Meditation

Spotlight Thinker

Trish Hatch

Director, Women's Leadership Institute


Sui Lang Panoke

Principal, Women Politics Media, LLC

Founder, RE-Think Tank, LLC


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Overview of the RE-Think Tank for Women
  • Thoughts and Feedback from the TANK 
  • Thoughts from Spotlight Thinkers
  • The TANK Joins the Conversation 
  • Guided Reflective Meditation
  • Reflections and RE-Think Affirmations
This Tank Talk will explore the process of determining and
RE-Thinking Your Purpose.  
We all know women fulfill multiple roles throughout their lives,
but how do we determine what our true "PURPOSE" in life is?   
This Tank Talk will explore the process through which women have come to 
the determination of their life's purpose and examine different turning points in their lives that have challenged them to RE-Think their purpose.  
We, as women are more fluid than we are linear.  As we evolve and change, may we consider the possibility of our life's purpose adhering to that change.
FRAMEWORK: Consider two stages in the process of determining your purpose.  DESIGN & PURPOSE.  
DESIGN:  Explore your design.  What are your unique qualities, talents and gifts? 
Seek to understand how and why you were designed the way that you are.
PURPOSE:  Once you understand your design you will see how your life connects to the world.  Your PURPOSE is what gives your life meaning. 

Reflective Meditation

Madeleine Sears

Founder/Director Madeleine Rose Wellness, LLC

Spotlight Thinker

Bev Uipi

Candidate, Millcreek City Council

Spotlight Thinker

LaShawn Shultz

Mental Health Therapist, Wasatch Family Health

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