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RETHINK Thoughts from
Post-Election Healing Conversation

RETHINK the Future of Women Leaders in America 
December 1, 2016   
Global Political Solutions, Washington, DC  

"As a whole, we need to listen to each other more."

"The GOP needs to do more work to engage women and millennials."

"Step out of the bubble."

"Put people first (other women before me)."


"Find your passions and act on them for the benefit of others."

"Read more books written by men!"

"Follow your arrow wherever it points. 
In order for the arrow to go forward, it must go backward first."

"RE-Think judging before knowing people's story."

"We CAN have an educated conversation about politics."

"Be hopeful."

"Look beyond the words."

"Conversation is still necessary to move the country along."

"CHALLENGE: RE-Think my actions in order to move forward in a Trump Administration." 


The RE-Think Tank for Women is a social think tank designed to challenge women to RE-Think how and what they think

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