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RETHINK Thoughts from

RETHINK Faith Tank  

May 26, 2017
Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C. 



"This evening was so inspiring.  I learned so much more than I can put on one post-it." 


             "You have to believe in yourself."                     


"A sisterhood of diverse women in conversation will help save this world." 

"Relationships are what solve the problem of prejudice." 

"It's about identity and the search for belonging." 

"I feel closer to God tonight than I have in a while because of the connection and love I felt from my sisters."  

"I have felt the divinity of my sisters and feel empowered by their faith and testimony." 

"All women are beautifully flawed, and we must celebrate our beauty and flaws."

"Positive energy travels so send some of it to your surroundings." 

"Gratitude attitude is our every day gift." 

"Muslim women struggle with the same challenges that Mormon women struggle with and Catholic women, Protestant women, Buddhist women...."

"Our challenges are SO similar." 

"We can choose to be united in faith instead of divided by it." 

"We are all more connected than we realize, especially in faith." 

"Across divides of faith, culture and location, women respond to one another with nurturing sisterhood and insightful love." 

"When women decide they want to do something, they just do it." 

"I treat my relationship with God like a marriage." 

"Women of FAITH, will heal the world." 
                           --Sui Lang 

"We have to thank people who doubt us because they motivate us to prove them wrong." 

"I am a Muslim.  I submit my life to God."

"We all ultimately believe in the same thing."

"The more we understand each other, the more we love each other."
 "Be mindful of the power structure, organizational culture, and social/political environment in which you a

re operating in within the walls of your religious institution." 

"This is deep." 

"Go directly to God." 


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