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Highlights from the Inaugural RETHINK Tank for Women
August 16, 2016 Cottonwood Country Club, Salt Lake City, Utah 

"You are what you think.  We are never victims of cirucumstance." 

                                              --James Allen, As A Man Thinketh 



Welcome to the Inaugural RE-Think Tank for Women in Utah! 


Jill Panoke, RE-Think Tank Venue Sponsor

RE-Think being fit, fabulous and 41! 


Ofa Pilivi, RE-Think Tank Scribe

RE-Think Authentic Leadership & Sincere Desire to Serve Others through Public Service   

Natalya Madolora, RE-Think Tank Photograher

RE-Think the Power of the Pic & Personal Priorities  


Peila Panoke, Hawaiian Opening Chant and Energy Clearing

RE-Think Energy & Connection to our Ancestors  


Dr. Amparo Madolora, RE-Think Tank Advisor

RE-Think our Teachers, Counselors and Advisors 


Kaleila Wren, RE-Think Tank, Vice President 

RE-Think Girls Empowerment and the Power of Focusing on What you Want    


Sui Lang Panoke, RE-Think Tank Founder & Moderator, RE-Think How & What We Think 

Announcement of Inaugural Launch in Washington, DC June 10, 2016

In honor of King Kamehameha who united the Hawaiian islands, the Inaugural RE-Think Tank for Women was launched with the

intent to unite a diversity of women varying in social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, personality, age, academic discipline, profession, religious beliefs and political ideologies through the power of conversation.  














Peila: Energy Clearning -  Aloha!  Alo means "to share" and Ha meants "mana" or "breath of life"!  Saying "Aloha" is like saying you are "Happy you are in our presence."  I am going to lead us through an energy and vibrational clearing.  Ask yourself, "Would you like to release any old patterns or habits that do not serve you anymore?"  Think of 2-3 things that you would like to release.  Then identify what you would like in return.  All of this will be done in the true energy and spirit of King Kamehameha. 

The Hawaiian word "Kanui" means to "always be thinking".  It isn't be chance that you are here.  This is where you stand in your power.  To be here and share in this space.  

The chant "A ho ma" means to "ask for knowledge" 

Introductions:  Everyone states their first name and ONE word that describes how you feel in this moment. 

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

                                                                                               --Eleanor Roosevelt 


Sui Lang opened up the conversation by sharing her inspiration and vision for the RE-Think Tank for Women.  


We come together as women to RE-Think how and what we think through thought-provoking conversations. This RE-Think Tank for Women was merely a concept in my mind about 2 months ago. It has grown out of an idea that is grounded in gratitude. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of engaging in many thoughtful, productive and powerful  conversations with women of diverse points of view.  This diversity spans a wide range of personalities, racial identities and cultural backgrounds to women with varied academic disciplines, professional experiences, generational upbringing, geographic location and views on opposite ends of the spectrum in political ideology and faith-based beliefs.  This diversity of thought has given each of these conversations a depth, a power and a certain level of richness in spirit that could not exist in the absence of their presence. And, it has been in the midst of each of these conversations, that I often times find myself saying silently in my mind, "Wow, this is like a Think Tank for Life!"  The RE-Think Tank for Women is an attempt to expand this circle of women and conversation by providing a space where women can come together through our commonalities and learn from one another through our differences.


The purpose of the RE-Think Tank is to stimulate and cultivate creativity through thought-provoking conversations. 

Sui Lang began the conversation affirming that every woman in the room has a great mind and is a great thinker.  Each participant was intentionally chosen because of the unique perspective they bring to the conversation.  Utah may not be the most culturally diverse state in the country, but it is very rich in diversity of thought. 

We all have great minds.  We all engage in meaningful and powerful conversations.  We all bring equal and valuable exchanges to the table.  We are all equitable partners.  We all embody a diversity of thought.  And, we all reflect and mediate upon things of importance. 

What is it?

The RE-Think Tank for Women is a social think tank designed to challenge women to RE-Think how and what we think.  

What is it's purpose? 

It’s purpose is to strengthen the mind and stimulate creativity and innovative thought through thought-provoking conversations incorporating five foundational values: Power Conversations, Equal & Valuable Exchange, Equitable Partnership, Diversity of Thought and Reflective Meditation.

Why women? 

When it comes to one’s ability to tap into their highest levels of creativity and innovative thought, WOMEN ARE NATURALS.  

The CREATOR Himself, created women to be the primary PRO-CREATORS.  We are designed to carry and give life.  It is our very nature to create and BE creative.

How does it work? 

The RE-Think Tank for Women hosts reocurring conversations on a wide-range of thought-provoking topics at a social venue.

1-3-5-25 Conversation Model: 1 - Moderator, 3 - Spotlight Thinkers, 5 - Foundational Values & Guidelines, 25 participants investing $25.

The RE-Think Tank is inspired by Politics & Yoga

The Marriage of Politics & Yoga

  • BALANCE: Power & Chakras

  • DISCIPLINE: Knowledge & Focus

  • STRENGTH: Governance & Breath


  • Practice

    Engaging in meaningful conversations with women leaders in politics and business bringing a diversity of opinions, experiences and policy perspectives to the table.  Women embody a diversity of thought. 
  • ​​Lessons

    Women have a wide range of perspectives on every issue, yet they have ONE thing in common. They all have an OPINION.  The opinions of women bring value to the decision-making table. 

The RE-Think Tank values all women's, perspectives and opinions.


  • Practice

    Sustaining a consistent Yoga and Meditation practice
  • Lessons

    Focus, Balance, Strength, Humility, Flexibility, Mindfulness, Discipline and Reflective Meditation

The RE-Think Tank values balance, discipline and strength and engage in reflective meditation

  • Sui Lang: In my free time, one of the things I like to do is study books that were written by and for “men” and apply those principles to my own life.  As I see them work in my own life, I share them with other women.   I have learned that even by doing the simplest things like substituting the word “man” for “woman” or “he” for “she” or “him” for “her” can significantly change how a particular text resonates with you.

  • Charity: Women tend to be charitable and for that, we can become pigeonholed as the ones serving in supporting roles.  As women we have to work together to lead and become the leaders that we are capable of being..  

Inspiriation from the following RE-Thinkers:

James Allen, Author, As A Man Thinketh

“We are what we think.  We are never simply victims of circumstance.”

Stephen R. Covey, Author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“Seek first to Understand, and then to be understood.”

Julia Cameron, Author, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

“Logic brain is our survival brain. It works on known principles.  

Artist brain is our creative and holistic brain.

It thinks in patterns and shadings."

Honoring RE-Thinkers

Simone Biles, RE-Think Women Olympians 

"Surround yourself with the dreamers, the doers, the believers and thinkers; but most of all,

surround yourself with those who see greatness in you even when you don't see it yourself." 

Kristin Armstrong, RE-Think our Mental Game 

"We either live with intention or we live by default." 

Five Foundational Values 

Power Conversations: How often do you find yourself in meaningless conversations?   Meaningful conversations require personal empowerment.  Meaningful Conversations have Power.  

The RE-Think Tank provokes meaningful conversations.  Women value conversations that matter. 

Equitable Partnership: How often do you feel like an equitable partner? 

The RE-Think Tank is a circle of equitable partnerships.  Women value equitable partnerships.

Equal & Valuable Exchange: Life is a series of exchanges.  We exchange work for time off, time for money and money for vacations.

The RE-Think Tank sees the exchange of ideas as the most valuable exchange of all.  Women make smart investments and exchanges.

Diversity of Thought: How diverse are your social circles?  

The RE-Think Tank values and cultivates a diversity of thought.  Women embody a diversity of thought. 

RE-Think Theory of Change: (3 Stages of Development)

The Natural Mind: Our minds are open, creative and free.  Our actions are driven by CURIOSITY & DESIRE.

The Conditioned Mind: Our minds become socially conditioned through learning and interactions with people.  We apply structure and organization to our creative minds limiting our creativity to what we now believe is possible and impossible. Actions are driven by RATIONALE.

The Power-Conscious Mind: Our minds are strong and powerful.  We understand that we have the power to choose.  As choices in life are presented to us, we review the options on the table and understand we have the power to choose the best choice for oursleves.  If we do not see an option that feels right, we understand we have the power to create a new one.  Actions are driven by CHOICE.

Spotlight Thinkers:  Speaking on "Identifying and RE-Thinking their Purpose"

Bev Uipi, RE-Think Cultural Preservation and Integration 

Candiate for Millcreek City Council, if she wins, Bev will be the first Pacific Islander woman to ever hold elected office in the state of Utah.


"My purpose is a constant evolution.  I want it to come from a place of authenticity.  I chose the color purpose for my campaign because it is a combination of RED & BLUE.  Every door I knock on, I know that judgement can be waiting on the other side.  It can be challenging going door to door.  On the night of the primaries I went looking for a job.  I knew my purpose was to empower and develop people and to be a voice to a population that looks like me.  I applied for a position with the Board of Pardons and got the job.  I have learned that there is no manual on how to lead my team, but I have drawn upon the knowledge of my own purpose and desire to serve with integrity, honesty and morals my parent instilled in me."

"I want to dip into the Love Tank as a woman. We are strong and we need to give ourselves permission to have our moments.  What we do is hard.  It doesn't matter what age you are; you will have internal judgement of yourself."

LaShawn Shultz, RE-Think A Woman's Ability to RE-Think, RE-Design, RE-Invent and RE-Start your life!

"Excited to "let go" during the cleanse. My purpose found me.  I was seven and I had to write a talk.  I was up until 2:00 am rehearsing.  I knew I wanted to be up in front of people talking to them and helping them.  You have to allow people to see your purpose."


"I moved around a lot.  At 17 I was super shy and living in North Carolina taking AP classes with peers that looked like me.  A friend named Chief saw leadership in me.  I found criminal justice as a sophomore. I didn't want to become a doctor, instead I wanted to become a social worker as part of my social construction.  You can't run from your purpose.  It will find you.  If I keep trying to be small, I will continue to be challenged to grow in your purpose.  I have three kids who depend on me.  It is an honor to be here!  I strive to be a person who can lift others."

Trish Hatch, RE-Think the Role of Women in Politics "A Woman's Place is in the Home and in the House of Representatives" 

Women's Leadership Institute was founded 2 years ago and I am honored to serve as Director along side our CEO, Pat Jones.

I grew up in a family with humble beginnings and have experienced the challenges that come with RE-Thinking your career and life partner after both had ended. I found myself facing the questions of "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to be?"  I realized that all of my past mistakes had brought me to where I am today."


"As I have gone out and talked with women leaders throughout the state, I have learned that there is not one woman who doesn't struggle with her self-confidence.  But, I have also learned that women can be the best advocates for other women!  When we hear other women being criticized, we have to say No!  We need to be advocates for each other."

Tank Talk

Tara -- "I appreciate how candid each speaker was. I can related to LaShawn's experience.  I have an African American sister and I never saw her as different because of her African heritage -- I just always saw her as my sister. I also really appreciate the diversity of this group, everyone's honesty and all of the thoughts that have been shared. I come from a colorful family -- White, Indian, Black... -- we as women feel these things.  "We are all women of color." "You go girl!"

Lavina -- "Thank you for sharing your stories.  I am so proud of Bev Uipi, as a Pacific Islander woman, she has inspired me, as another Pacific Islander woman.  I admire her desire to put her self in a position where her son can look up to her and listen to her."

Trish -- "I commend women like Bev Uipi because it is cruicial to have women play leading roles in shaping and  making public policy."

Bev -- "As an alumni of the Women's Leadership Institute Political Development Series 2015-16 cohort, we have an alumni group so we can continue to stay in touch with one another.  I have reached Mama Bear status!" 

Jane -- "I have found myself in many discussions about women not feeling equal or being put down and as I reflect upon these conversations I have immense respect for my father because he treated both his sons and daughters the same way.  I grew up feeling like I didn't have to get married in order to make a valuable contribution to this world.  He said that he would rather me stay single than to enter into a "bad" marriage because I bad marriage is such an awful way to live.  I feel like I am still searching for my purpose." 

Sui Lang -- "I strive to constantly surround myself with women who are better than me, smarter than me, have more life experience than me because I learn so much from them and every conversation is an opportunity for growth.  There are so many women in this room who are already the type of woman that I am aspiring to be."

Red Head -- "My friend, Cori brought me and I'm so glad I came.  I had a different upbringing and wasn't always empowered as a woman growing up, but I am learning that we are our own source of love and security.  When we get to that place, we are so empowered.  We reach a place of autonomy."  "I can be my own source." 

Cori -- "I am so inspired by all of you... I grew up differently in my family as well.  There was not a lot of diversity in my life, but because I was a teacher on the west side I learned that diverse groups of people are so much stronger together.  My grandmother was raised from a poor Italian family and she instilled in me that we need more strong women working together."

Dayla -- "I felt like I was in DC when I walked in here today!  I am a Samoan/Tongan woman and am so impressed by all of these women. In my culture it is the women that are strong.  I have been asked the question "Why aren't you being strong?" because that is the expectation.  So, I am grateful to have this space where I can stand in my strength and vulnerabilty. I have loved all of the comments especially Bev's comment "never dim your shine".  There are a lot of people who will try to dim your shine including yourslef, but we should not dim ourselves for the sake of someone else's shine.  Two lights are brighter than one. The fraud imposter syndrome is real.  We need to be constant champions for each other."


Sui Lang -- "Having a strong support system is essential."

Shelly -- "I've lived here 20-30 years and I could never see something like this happening here in Utah.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something like this. I have a newly found passion in addition to my teaching career which is serving as Director of Girls on the Run. I absolutely love it!"

Trish -- "Thank you to all of you for standing in your power! Today is a celebration in honor of all of you being here!"

Tracee -- "I have witnessed so much change here in Utah.  I grew up here experiencing a great deal of racism as a child and even still today as a mother, but I am grateful for circles like this that gives me hope that change will continue for the better."

Sui Lang -- "Thank you to everyone who shared, listened and participated in our inaugural tank talk tonight.  As we wrap up the conversation, I'd like to share how important I feel it is to put our trust into the values and principles that bind us together rather than in the people who lead or participate in each gathering.  People will always disappoint you, but your values and principles will be what define who you are and what your true purpose will be.  Moving forward, it is my hope that women will continue to engage in RE-Think Tank conversations because of the values and principles that are taught and exercised here in this circle.  Participants will come and go, but it will be the values and principles we uphold that will ultimately sustain the concept, vision and mission of the RE-Think Tank." 










Madeleine Sears, Leads the Guided Reflective Meditation

RE-Think the Power of the minds, body and spirit

"May we begin with an affirmation of I am..."  Madeleine guides us in a 10 minutes reflective meditation as we process and reflect upon the energy, spirit and unity that has been felt during tonight's conversation. 

Lucky Ladies Drawing -- Names are drawn for various prices including essential oils, cosmetics and copies of "THe Artist's Way" and "As a Man Thinketh" renamed to "As a Woman RE-Thinketh"

Closing -- All pariticipants stand and form an intimate circle.  We stand together with our hands in prayer.  

Sui Lang -- "In closing, I wanted to share a short story.  I rented a movie from Redbox the other day called "Joy".  I had heard great things about this movie from several friends of mind so I had high expectations going into it.  So, I'm sitting there watching this movie and about half way through it I'm telling myslef, "Uh, this movie is terrible.  It's basically a reality show minus the glitz and glamour depicting the day to day realities of an oridnary woman living an ordinary life of struggle, hardship and mediocrity.  Why would I want to watch this?  When is it going to get good???"  I soon afterwards fell asleep and forgot about the movie entirely until I was getting ready to run errands the next day and saw the Redbox cover and remembered that I had paid full price for a movie that I had only watched half way through.  As cheap as I am, I felt obligated to just watch the rest of the movie so I could get my money's worth and I'm sitting there slowly watching the life of this woman transform before my eyes. I'm finding myself identifying with her on so many levels until I see myself in her and all of a sudden it becomes my life unfolding before me on the big screen.  I begin to tear up and am sitting there thinking to myself -- I LOVE this movie!!  Joy learned some of life's greatest lessons through her ordinary life of struggle, hardship and mediocrity that prepared her to rise above her circumstances and choose to take control of her life and create exactly what she wanted.  Despite all of the voices in her life that were telling her she was unworthy, unfit and incapable of accomplishing her goal, she refused to accept that as her truth.  Instead, she listened to the one voice that mattered which was her own.  She knew she was worthy, fit and capable of creating the life she'd always dreamed of and as she stayed true to her purpose, her purpose was fulfilled.  I share this with all of you for one reason -- to pose this question,"How often do you find yourself going through life feeling like you are an ordinary woman living an ordinary life of struggle, hardship and mediocrity?  Saying to yourself, when is my life going to get good!??"  Well I'm here to tell you your life just got good!  Because you have been reminded and your spirit has been renewed of the power you have "to choose" to be worthy, fit and capable of creating whatever it is you want in life.  May we find Joy in the trials of life knowing that through them we are developing the strength, character and resilience we will need to rise ,conquer and lead."


"I send love and light to each and every one of you. Thank you for making my vision a reality tonight.  I leave this with you, Namaste."       



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