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RETHINK Gun Policy

Friday, September 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Point, Velvet Room

3003 North Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT 84043

"Nourish hope, seek peace." 

"There's something happening here." 

"Will more gun laws only make the problem worse?"

"To look more openly at those who are for gun control, and not to view them as the enemy."

"There are more of us willing to find a reasonable compromise than we may initially think." 

"Gun Control is complex and isn't one solution, but many."

"How can we be more true to ourselves and in turn be true to others and those we come in contact with."

"I don't know enough about current medical solutions to gun violence.  Humbly seek knowledge." 

"Don't get so caught up with one idea or part of the issue -- look at it holistically."

"The idea of self-defense as a right in terms of gun ownership, in terms of limiting gun ownership,

in terms of relationships (defense from potentially harmful relationships." 

"I actually feel more discouraged.  Things I saw as common sense and common ground are not." :( 

"The commonality of both sides of gun control is violence and mental health.  If we can figure out how to

"check a box" on how they can help with one of those." 

"My takeaway is that we all hold tight to our right to life, our right to not have it threatened and our right to defend it when threatened.  We can choose both.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the MOA and MFL representatives held more moderate views than I thought they would."

"We must come together to solve this, all sides.  And, that will only be possible with love."

"I am sincerely grateful for everyone who came and who spoke up or not, for each person who was willing to sit in and be with. 

And, grateful I could come and listen." 

"Preventing gun violence requires looking at many groups of gun violence perpetrators, bullying, criminals, mental illness, 

domestic violence offenders.  Not one thing will work for all groups and sometimes nothing can prevent it." 

"I'm just reminded, once again, of how little I know.  But, that's okay.  I'm trying to learn to

be more comfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty." 

"Maybe we aren't as polarized as I believe.  It's just the extremes that have the loudest voices.  We need to raise ours."

"To me -- gun control is not the issue or solicitation -- mental health is the problem." 

"We don't have to be either/ or; We can be AND!" 

"Mr. Rogers didn't teach kids how to make guns with fingers."  :) 

"There is no need to fear an opposing view."

"How do you find solutions... in gridlock?  No sure..."

"There is no easy solution." 

"I need action steps." 

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