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RETHINK Beauty  

June 16, 2017
Grand America Hotel, Washington, D.C.


"My body is intrinsic to my being.  Beauty is intrinsic to my being -- it cannot be changed or removed."

"Celebrate womanhood -- don't denigrate or villify it."

"Women are the catalysts to change the world."


"All women are beautiful regardless of size, race or life circumstance." 

"Women are powerful."

"I am strong and beautiful because of my adversity."

"Self-Acceptance and know your worth in all situations." 

"My body is an instrument, not an ornament." 

"It takes genuine listening and a moment of clarity to recognize a person's true beauty." 

"Accept the spirit unconditionally." 

"What you eat is what you are... but, HOW you think is WHO you are." :) 

"A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body." 

"Don't be a woman that needs a man -- be a woman a man needs." 

"Maybe we're all building sandcastles.  May we be ready for when, not if, they wash away."

"I took away that it is okay to be me.  That being me is a powerful and freeing concept and way to live."

"If you knew everyone's story and had a chance to walk in their shoes, you would love everyone.  So, be nice and show love."

"LIVE my real beauty so my daughter knows how to LIVE hers."

"Adversity shines light on our beauty -- both actual and perceived."



"Sometimes when talking to people about diversity and other crucial conversations, you have to treat them like a 4 year old -- treat them with kid-gloves."                                                                                      --LaShawn

"When we see each other spirit to spirit -- we have no issues." 
                                           --Sui Lang  


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