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RETHINK Thoughts from

2016 Post-Election Conversation
RETHINK the Future of Women Leaders in America 

December 21, 2016   
Salt Lake City, Utah

"The world is run by those who show up."

"We are the change we wish to see."

"Understand with compassion or you will misunderstand the times."

"Be open to all sides of the issue."

"There is positive energy in the work that we do."

"I commit to listening to and standing up for those less privileged than myself." 

"Speak out for people who may not be in your community."

"I only grow when I open myself to new perspectives." 

"Be the change and be a support to those willing to step up." 

"The statistics brought reality to fear and action to hope." 

"Our relationships are more powerful than data."

"We need to talk to one another to truly change minds." 

"Enlightening!  I discovered deeper, broader views than I know to be around me." 

"All of the world's problems are solvable when women act as if they are equal." 

"Don't be afraid to share the power within your heart." 

"Through struggle and despair, you find voice." 

"Do whatever you can and what your gift is to humanity to make a difference." 


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