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RETHINK Tank for Women in DC!


DATE: Thursday December 1, 2016
VENUE: Global Political Solutions
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 10th Floor, Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20036 (Farragut North Metro RED Line)
TIME:  6:30 - 8:30 pm
Networking reception begins at 6:30, light refreshments and drinks will be served 
The conversation will begin promptly at 7:00 pm 
Join us for a Post-Election Healing Conversation
TOPIC:  RE-Thinking the Future of Women Leaders in America 
This event is invite-only.  Registration is required. 
Seating is limited so we encourage you to register early.
These events are made possible by investments made by our founding funders,
partners and participants 
Suggested Investments: $15, $25, $50

What is the RE-Think Tank for Women? 

The RE-Think Tank is a social think tank designed to challenge women to RE-Think how and what we think through power conversations and reflective meditation.  

How does it work?

The RE-Think Tank brings together intimate diverse circles of women to engage in thought provoking conversations and reflective meditation.  Each conversation follows a 1-3-5-25 conversation model.  

One moderator, 3 Spotlight Thinkers, 5 Values and Guidelines with an intimate circle of 25 participants.    

Who are we looking for?  


  • WOMEN who have an opinion

  • WOMEN who are willing to share their opinion

  • WOMEN who are open to learning from opinions that challenge their own  


If the answer to these questions is YES, we invite you to JOIN!

The POWER of the TANK relies heavily on the following foundational values and conversation guidelines.


​      VALUES: 

  • Power Conversations

  • Equitable Partnership

  • Equal and Valuable Exchange

  • Diversity of Thought

  • Reflective Meditation             


1-3-5-25 Conversation Model  

1 - Moderator, 1 Meditation Lead 

3 - Spotlight Thinkers

5 - Values and Guidelines 

25 - Participants Investing $25     


  • Face to Face Conversation

  • Intimate Safe Space

  • Selective Random Selection 

  • Diversity of Thought

  • Reflective Meditation

Meet Our Spotlight Thinkers


Sui Lang Panoke

Principal, Women Politics Media

Founder, RE-Think Tank

Meditation Lead

Lashone Wilson

Bikram Yoga Instructor 

Founder, One Breath At A Time

Spotlight Thinker

Jessica Grounds

Founder & Principal, Solid Grounds Strategies

Spotlight Thinker

Emily Ekins

Research Fellow, Cato Institute

Spotlight Thinker

Cameron Dorsey

Social Media & Events Manager, Republican Mainstreet Partnership


Sunni Kim

Principal Photographer, SKC Photography

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