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RETHINK Thoughts

Millennial Policy Tank: RETHINK Healthcare

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cottonwood Country Club

1780 Lakewood Drive, Holladay, Utah 84117

"How does this policy foster gratitude?"

"Will it cause people to feel more gratitude?"

"I was healthy until I wasn't."

"Rethinking Healthcare as an individual vs. community-focused issue. 

"How do you convince people to care about others? 

"The brain is a part of the body - mental healthcare is health care." 

"The issues we face can be overcome; the problem lies with the perspectives within the parties and the country as a whole."

"BRAIN Health: addressing the person as a whole."

"Gratitude.  The basis of conversations, dialogue and policy."

"How do you solve the Healthcare issue?  Simple. Determine how much your child's life is worth, then act."

"We have to learn to tap into each other's empathy and recognize shared goals."

"Incremental change in the healthcare system, even if its one step forward, two steps back, is great."

"Millennials in Utah are disproportionately impacted by Mental Health issues."

"I was healthy, and then I wasn't"

"It's not about access, coverage, or cost, it's about Quality of Life."

"We need more Millennial representation on Capitol Hill!"

"How can I support the "In Between"?"

"Everything Luz said!!!"

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