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The Rethink Tank for Women, a project of Rethink International

MISSION To challenge women to rethink how and what they think.

PURPOSE  Strengthen the minds of women.  Stimulate creativity and innovative thought. 

Build bridges across social, cultural and political differences.

POWER CONVERSATIONS  Meaningful conversations have power.  The power of conversations between women lies in our diversity of thought.  We are diverse by nature.  No two women look alike, talk alike or think alike.  

However, all women have ONE thing in common: We all have an OPINION! 

Formulating your opinion and being open to learning from opinions that challenge your own leads to the stimulation,

cultivation and generation of creativity and innovative thought.  Washington, DC is home to some of the world’s most

powerful and innovative Think Tanks -- but, how many of them have

succeeded in identifying, extracting and capitalizing on the contributions of women? 

Engaging in Power Conversations with the Rethink Tank for Women draws us closer to achieving this goal

VALUES Power Conversations. Equitable Partnership. Equal & Valuable Exchange.

Diversity of Thought. Reflective Meditation. 

WHY WOMEN?  Women are natural creators and innovators.

RETHINK THEORY OF CHANGE  Our Pathway to Consciousness Theory challenges us to RETHINK the historical experiences of women. Throughout history, we as women, have been socially conditioned on some level to THINK a certain way about who we are, what our purpose is and what our role in the world is going to be.  As we learn, grow and come to the realization that we have the POWER to define who we are and determine what we will become, our minds become FREE.  When our minds are FREE, we are able to tap into our highest levels of creativity and innovative thought.  It is at this stage of POWER CONSCIOUSNESS that we step into our own power and embrace our freedom to RETHINK our life circumstances in order to make them work for us.

WOMEN ARE NATURALS As women, many of us have experienced every stage of the pathway to


Throughout history women have gained the full spectrum of personal experience from being denied access to now serving in positions to expand access, therefore, we understand the full value of the power and freedoms we enjoy today.  

By natural design, it is a woman's nature to create and when it comes to tapping into our creative energy,


Join the Rethink Tank for Women and start capitalizing on your power today.


Your Purpose

Washington, DC 

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